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M8 parts and weights

In a hardly known broschure about the virtues of the Leica M8, there is a listing of all components inside the camera body with the weights. This is done to indicate how agile the M8 is. This particular model, completely forgotten by the worldwide Leica community and the company(!), is still a very pleasant camera to use. The high ISO values are quite daring to use, but at speeds from IS O160 (the basic speed of the original Kodak Ektachrome) to ISO 640 (the upper limit of Kodak Tri-X) the printed photographs are excellent.
Here is a partial listing with weights in grams (in brackets):
Display (14); sensor board (10); shutter blades (1); shutter chassis (18); back body part (26); front body part (45); bayonet ring (14); top cover (76); bottom cover (49); rangefinder frame (31); rangefinder prisms (19); screws (1); synthetic leather coating (13); gears-steel (2); gears brass (2); electrical motor (12);