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Progress on my new book

It has been quiet for some time about the progress of my new book about Leica optics. It proved to be a much larger task than I had imagined. Now I can say that the draft of the book is ready and I can no start with finalizing the content and lay-out. To give you an an impression of what the book will cover I have included a PDF-file which is a kind of introduction on the topics that the book will discuss. This is not a detailed table of contents, but a reasoned review of the content.
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The next book (no date yet!) will discuss the Leica camera technique for silver-halide photographs and solid-state images. The two main cameras will be the Leica M-A and the Leica Monochrom II. The Leica M7 and the Leica M8.2 will also be discussed. There is evidence of an analogue revival as the recent announcement by Kodak of a new Super-8 camera and films can document. The main part of this book will focus on the silver-halide photography and the techniques for precision miniature photography. I know this is a niche domain but one that gives you direct control and enough insight into the photographic workflow and documentary approach. I will in addition look at the techniques of signal processing and image reconstruction to give sufficient background for the digital workflow to evaluate its advantages and black holes.