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more corrections to the serial numbers in my Pocket Guide

I received information that there is a Super-Elmar 3.4/21 mm with serial number 4108732. This number falls in the range allocated to a Summicron 50 mm lens
(4108531 to 4109030). The first batch of the SE 21 mm has a range from 4108481 to 4108530) just before the Summicron range. It is possible that the SE was produced alongside the Summicron and that its serial number was loaned from the Summicron range.

Another correction: the M8 with serial# 3.333.333 was dedicated to Mr. Mueller, but the camera was given by Leica to an Italian Leica expert, who sold this camera to an Italian person.

Another correction:
the correct name is „FRIDERICHS“