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Photokina 2018, 3

It was only a matter of time for Zeiss to introduce their own camera, the ZX1. The number 1 indicates that more are to follow. It is an intriguing proposition. The camera shows details of the Sony compact models with a fair amount of design elements taken from the Leica TL. The execution however is smarter than with the Leica model. The sensor is a surprise, but when thinking that Zeiss provides the lenses for the lithographic industry, especially the Dutch ASML chip factory it makes sense. One might see such a chip in he next generation of the M camera when and if Zeiss buys into the Leica company. Hardly anything is known about the ZX1 except that it is a smart integration of camera ergonomics, software integration and minimalist design. It is very interesting to get more specs and have one for commenting upon.

It is refreshing to note that the lens is a compact one, after the huge lenses for the L, Z and R mounts