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Rules for now

1. apply snapshot style to your personal photography
2. select everyday moments and things you are emotionally attached to
3. avoid cliché photographs, including picturesque scenery
4. avoid simulation of art photographs, also cliché!
5. do not take photographs of conventional things and events
6. be creative in the sense of spontaneity and instantaneity
7. use film
8. do not believe that digital is better
9. apply the detective approach
10. accept that the cameras sees different things than common causal perception and presents them differently
11. forget about photographic language, photographic seeing, photographic message and all this stuff
12. avoid street photography and the snapshot-aesthetic approach
13. straight photography or deadpan photography and Leica photography are a happy symbiosis
14. read Robert Penn “It’s all about the bike” if you wish to understand photography
15. everyone (including Leica marketing and Leica development) claims that the path from analog to digital has a teleological necessity: progress implies that old technologies are obsolete and restrictive
16. this is false: digitization of the camera simply increases profit.
17. if you insist on walking the digital path, use the Leica M8 or M10, or both
18. my preferred tools?
19. Most used: Leica M-A, Leica M7, Apo-Summicron-M 2/50, Sekonic L-398A III, Ilford Delta 100, Kodak TMax 100, ADOX FX-39
20. Occasionally used: M8, M Monochrome II, Iridient Developer, Epson R-3000