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New book Leica lens saga

My new book "Leica lens saga" has been sent to the printer finally. It is a fresh look at the methods of design used for the Leica lens from Berek to Karbe. The information is new and nowhere else available. This is my approach: not repeating what every one knows already and expects to read. It follows the steps from opto-mechanical design to opto-mechatronics designs and from pre-computer to computer supported design. It really shows the backside of the lens.

The example file (content and introduction and part of the first chapter) can be downloaded here as a PDF.

The book will be available end of september at a price of Euro 65 for worldwide shipping (including Europe) and Euro 50 for Netherlands and Belgium and for members of the Leica Fellowship England.

The book is a limited edition and you can inform me of your buying wish at

You can now preorder the book. Please pay Euro 30 as advance money with paypal:

Thank you very much

Erwin Puts

The book series is constructed like this:
Leica Chronicle: a review of the history of the leica company and its products (lenses and cameras) (sold out)
Leica Practicum: the theory and practice of Leica photography related to street photography and zone system (sold out)
Leica lens saga: what it means to design a Leica lens (now available)
Leica photography: techniques of Leica photography digital and film (to be announced).