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First part of the 28 mm test online

I have published the first part of the review of the Leica 28 mm lenses. I am a bit busy now: shipping books, writing the draft for the next book. Testing lenses with the M-A loaded with film and with the Monochrom camera. The working title of part 4 of my Leica book project is called: The Leica Rangefinder Camera, System and Technique.

With this book I try to produce a modern and up-to-date version of the classic book by Wolff: Meine Erinnerungen mit der Leica. A brilliant book, explaining why Leica photography can challenge the medium format cameras of that period. The pictures made by Wolff are really iconic for the Leica style and I wonder if any one of the modern Leica users could improve on them. I am not up to his level! At least photographically.