Legal Documentation, required by European Commission (GDPR) (april 28, 2018)

Note: this info applies to all customers.
My website does not use cookies.
The information I collect comes from Paypal (the payment site) and Ecwid (the webshop provider).
Both parties collect the email from any buyer and also the name and address details of every buyer. These data are available to me and I collect once in three months a spreadsheet list from Paypal as an overview of all payments made by buyers. I also get an email from paypal and ecwid informing me about any payment by a customer. The paypal info is saved on my personal computer in the mail account. The Ecwid information is deleted.
The postal services in the Netherlands ( are provided with your physical address in order to deliver the ordered book(s). The name and address information is stored in the website of the postal service. The address details are also provided by the postal service in the Netherlands to their partners in other countries. There is no information about these companies and what they do with this information.
I follow the Paypal rules about complaints and in case of any complaint I will refund the money that the buyer has transferred to the Paypal account.
All information about the personal data of customers is held as digital data. No physical data is involved.
I do not share this information with any third party. The information is not deleted.
Any buyer who wishes that the personal data are removed from my computer may ask to do this and I will present any required information within a month after the request.
The collected emailaddresses may be used for information about new books.

Terms and Conditions

You agree that
(1) your email address information is needed for uploading the data files through "wetransfer" and
(2) your personal physical address is needed for the postal services for delivery of the ordered book(s)
You are entitled to ask for this information to be deleted after receiving the files and physical books. I can delete the information from my own personal computer and from the database of the postal services in the Netherlands.

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