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New Pocket Guide

I have been inspired by the famous Bredow pocket "Leica Tashenbuch'. I produced a new book: "Leica Pocket Guide 1953 - 2018".
The content:
listings of price development of selected Leica cameras and lenses since 1998;
listings of all serial numbers since 1950 to 2016 of cameras and lenses;
a Leica time table;
specifications of all Leica cameras since 1953
specifications of all current Leica lenses (S.SL, M, Q, TL, CL)
lens diagrams of all current Leica lenses
pictures of selected special M editions
pictures of all Leica cameras since 1953
and more

The book is A6 format: 105 x 148 mm, 280 pages thick, bound and with an imitation leather soft cover.

The idea is that you can carry the book with you at all times and quickly can reference details you did forget.

Below is a sample of images

The price of the book is Euro 19.95 excluding shipment cots. I am at this moment discussing the shipment fee. Y
It is a limited edition. You can preorder the book on the shop tag.

The book" The Leica way in 21C will be published soon!